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“It was a lifechanging experience. This was a lot of money that I needed to retire. I found myself asking “When is the bombshell coming?” I thought I was going to owe you this or that. The bombshell never came. ”

Mike Smith
Owner, Precision Auto

“After I talked to y’all, you wanted to know more about my business and more about me. You wanted to sell my business, not just a set of numbers on a spreadsheet. ”

Brad Higby
Owner, City Glass

“Beacon allowed me to stay focused on my customers while they worked in the background on the transition. In fact, I had my best quarter ever while going through the sales process with Beacon.

Gary Greenwald
Owner, AutoTech

“I sold my air conditioning company with Beacon. The process was very easy and streamlined. I just provided financials for the past 3 years. Within 3 months I closed on the sale at the price I was looking for. ”

Brandon Moore
Owner, Lawhon HVAC

“I liked dealing with one specific person. Everything was crystal clear. I never felt alone in the process. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anybody.

Gabe Ramirez
Owner, American Cleaning Services

“My favorite part is knowing that a phone call or a quick text and that my questions would get answered and problems would get resolved. That kept my mind at ease at a really stressful time. ”

Beth Procarione
Owner, Love Floral

We help you sell your business in 3 steps

Get a complimentary valuation

Our valuation factors in the historic earnings and the future potential of your business.

Review qualified buyers

We'll match your business to our qualified buyers who meet the financial and experience requirements.

Pass the torch

Your Transaction Advisor will help you complete due diligence and close the deal.

Own a main street business?

We specialize in selling main street businesses with revenues from $500k to $10M+.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying or selling a small business isn’t easy, but we make it easier. At Beacon, we help entrepreneurs avoid the upfront fees and heachaches associated with a business sale. Our Transaction Advisors help sellers (and buyers) every step of the way from valuation to handing over the keys.

We focus on main street businesses based in the U.S. These businesses typically have 3 to 25 employees and revenues from $500,000 to $10,000,000+.

We strive to get you competitive offers within 90 days. Depending on financing, it can take another 30-90 days to close. After closing, most sellers will stay on for a 1-3 month transition period to help the buyer get up to speed on the business. After an initial 4-week training period, the seller is typically compensated on an hourly basis the time they spend assisting the buyer.

We earn a commission when you sell your business, but it's completely free to test the waters.

We value businesses based on seller's discretionary earnings. This is another way of saying the cashflow you receive as an owner of the business. This amount is typically multiplied by 2-4x depending on the business. You can learn more by reading our Seller’s Guide to Small Business Valuation.

We vet buyers by assessing their finances, credit history, industry experience and background. In some cases, we also perform background checks. After vetting the buyer and signing a confidentiality agreement, we do several introductory calls with the buyer to share details about the business and answer all of their initial questions. We only introduce sellers to qualified buyers who are serious about making an offer.

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