Buying a Services Business: Stats & Resources

An estimated 83% of the 4 million small businesses owned by baby boomers are expected to change hands in the next 5-10 years.

Owners of home and business services companies who were able to weather the COVID-19 pandemic have proven their businesses to be resilient in any economic environment.

At Beacon, we're helping the current owners of these promising home and business services businesses transition their business to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Services Industry

Home and Business Service
Businesses in the US
Market Size
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What we look for

We specialize in selling home and business services companies with revenues from $500K to $5M+. We only work with business owners and buyers that are interested in selling or buying established and profitable services businesses at a fair price based on historical earnings. Some other characteristics we look for include:

  • Strong leadership

    Owners who have hired and trained employees to run the core business operations often spend less time in the field or shop, and more time focused on overseeing smooth operations and evaluating growth strategies. These businesses are perfectly positioned for aspiring entrepreneurs, who may not have the same technical background as the owner.

  • Established customer base

    Whether an HVAC company, flooring company, or dry cleaner, any successful services business has a customer base of individuals and companies who know and trust the business. Having a loyal customer base and brand equity significantly minimizes transition risk for the new owner.

  • Bookkeeping practices

    We're not looking for perfect books, but it's very difficult for a buyer to evaluate a business without an organized income statement or balance sheet. Good bookkeeping practices (e.g., clearly labeling expenses, being diligent with receivables, etc.) allows a prospective buyer to analyze historical performance and signals that the rest of the business is run efficiently.

Higher profit margins, recurring customer bases, and unique growth opportunities make home and business services businesses the ideal target for aspiring entrepreneurs.

William Fry
CEO, Beacon

Types of services businesses for sale

Custodial and housekeeping services
Dry cleaning and laundry services
Painting contractors
Plumbing and HVAC contractors
Roofing contractors
Flooring installation and maintenance services
We also specialize in selling Auto Shops and Landscaping businesses.

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