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Join the online community of business owners planning to exit in the next 2 years.

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Take control of your exit

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Join industry experts on private weekly webinars covering every step of your exit planning process (e.g., valuations, financial planning, deal structuring, etc.).

Learn from the community

Navigate your exit plan by confidentially tapping into the collective knowledge of similar business owners that are exiting (or have exited) their business.

Share your learnings

Help fellow owners learn from your success (and failure) by offering them your success stories, best practices, and expertise.

Sell on your terms

Track your progress against your exit plan with free quarterly valuations included for all active community members.

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Active community members get access to a free quarterly valuation of their business to help track their progress over time.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

Owners of small businesses in the United States who plan to exit in the next 12 to 24 months. You should want to explore your options, form a game plan, improve your business and have a community of peers.

Can I refer a fellow owner?

Yes. Please call (267) 417 - 7572.

How frequent is the programming?

We have 30-minute virtual events approximately once a week. We expect a majority of our member’s engagement with the community to happen through the online discussions and related exit planning activities. In total, we expect owners will invest between 1-3 hours a week on community engagement and exit planning activities depending on their current progress through the exit planning process

How much does it cost?

Monthly membership is $50 with the ability to cancel at any time. Our community members remain members because they want to, not because they have to.

Do we meet in-person?

No. Our programming is a mix of virtual events, content, and online discussions. By forming an online community, we are able to bring together the most relevant business owners and experts from across the country. Although, you are free to independently co-ordinate in-person meetings with other members if you’d like to.

What is required for the free quarterly business valuations?

A confidential quarterly business valuation is provided to all active community members to track their progress through their exit plan. Valuations are a relatively quick process that primarily uses readily accessible documents (e.g. 3 years of federal tax returns, balance sheets, and P&L statements).