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Albany County, NY

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Cash Flow:
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About the Business

After having been in the industry as a mechanic and technician for nearly 15 years, the current owner realized that ownership was the path towards financial security. While he always had a deep understanding of mechanics, the art and science of running a business was new to him.

He started off by investing in education. He took courses in business management and marketing. He understood the importance of watching the bottom line and understanding the drivers of revenue and costs. After some time, he began to institute and iterate on policies that made his business run smoothly and profitably.

The shop has now grown into a well oiled machine itself. It’s grossed an average of nearly $1,000,000 in annual revenue over the last three and a half years, with a solid cashflow to the owner. It has a strong customer base and a personalized approach to customer service with a team of 5 employees in addition to the owner.

After an almost 50 year run in the automotive repair industry, the current owner is looking to call it a day. He’s in search of an interested buyer to buy up the shop. It’s important to him that the buyer has strong ethics, is an honest person, and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Detailed Information

3 FT, 2 PT
Market & Competition

Customers choose the shop for its quality and customer service. The firm has a well-to-do client base that understands the value of quality work, which makes the unit economics strong and avoids having to haggle over price. This is based upon the strong trust built up by the business and allows the firm to compete against dealership service.

Growth & Expansion

There are a number of opportunities to grow the business. First, a buyer could invest in outside sales to drive more commercial fleet work to the business. Second, there are a number of marketing channels like paid search and CRM marketing that are not being used at all. Third, the facility has ample room to expand both in terms of enclosing the carport for additional work space as well as hiring an additional technician. Lastly, there is opportunity to grow after-market product sales such as car alarms, running boards, etc.

Lease Expiration
Owner will structure long-term lease.
Real Estate

The shop is located near a major interstate north of Albany. The close proximity to Albany, Troy, Watervliet and Latham provides for steady new customer acquisition.

The facility includes 2600 square feet of shop space with 4 lifts and an alignment bay. There is a 1600 square foot carport with an additional lift and covered parking for customer cars. Each work bay is equipped with a computer for parts ordering and access to vehicle information.

The shop also includes a small but clean and welcoming waiting room. The waiting room comes with coffee, WiFi and other amenities. The area includes an office with two computer workstations as well.

Support & Training

The owner is willing to stay on for between 3 and 6 months to help introduce the buyer to key clientele, the employees, and the main distributors. 

Reason for Selling

After a career in the automotive industry spanning 6 different decades, the owner is ready to enjoy some much deserved retirement.

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